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LED Lighting for your indoor garden

HLG 100V2 Rspec

HLG 100V2 Rspec – Excellent choice for small spaces, or 1-2 plants.  This light is on display in our store in our tent (see photo).  In store pickup only, shipping options coming soon.



HLG 300L Rspec

300L Rspec – 2.5′ x 2.5, or 3′ x 3′ footprint.  Quantum board and Samsung diodes.

Dimensions – 26″x10″x2.75″

In-store pickup only.

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HLG 600 RSpec

Quantum boards, with Samson diodes (white and 660nm Red).  Dimmable (60w – 600w) by manual dial.  Flowering footprint 5’x5′ at 30″.

In store pick

up only.


Sun System RS 1850 LED

Dimensions: 48x24x9

Specs & footprint info coming soon.

In store pickup only.


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