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Helios 8

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Helios 8


The Titan Controls Helios 8 is a Professional Series 8-light controller. With the attached dual trigger cords you can establish two separate lighting schedules. The Titan Controls Helios 8 was constructed with commercial-grade “ballast-rated” relays. It works with both 120V and 240V power cords and can be hooked up through a 50 amp input circuit.

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Helios 8 240V Lighting Controller – Take your indoor garden to the max.  More information regarding this product can be found directly at the manufacturer’s web site.  See all our products here.

Q: I know the helios 8 requires 40-50amps but how many amps does the dual triggers use on this unit? The controller I have has thick 50 amp line ran to it but the dual triggers are on a 15 amp breaker. Im afraid the dehumidifiers are on the same line that it wont be enough juice.
A: The trigger cords pull very minimal amperage, less than 0.1 amps. They are just designed to open and close the relay to supply or cut power to the outlets.

Q: What is the difference between the Helios 6 and 8 controller?
A: Primary difference between the 6 & 8 is the power outlets. The Helios 6 uses UL listed NEMA 240 Volt 6-15 power outlets. The other usess ‘universal’ power outlets that will accept either a 240 VAC cord set or a 120 VAC cord set.

Q: Are they UL approved?
A: The Helios 8 is not ETL/UL listed. If you are looking for an ETL/UL listed 8 light controller we do offer the Helios 6 & the Helios 15 which are both ETL Certified 8 light controllers.

Q: I bought a Helios 8 and wired it with 220 volt power like it says, and when I plug my 120 Volt T5 light fixture in they die because they’re getting 220 volt power… Why does it say the outlets are universal? What do i need to do to fix it? Drop one leg and make it 120v?
A: The Helios 8 lighting controller is intended for use with 240 Volt lighting systems. The universal plugs are designed so that the customer may use either a 120 Volt or 240 Volt cord sets to plug in their 240 Volt lighting system. A number of the lighting ballast manufacturers only include 120 Volt plug sets with their 120VAC/240VAC ‘switchable power’ ballasts, so this feature is primarily to accommodate that need for those customers. The voltage that you install your lighting controller with, is the voltage that will come out of your lighting controller (240 Volt in…240 Volt out). It is recommended that you consult with a Certified Electrician prior to installation of your lighting system. They can help you out with your lighting questions, as well as assure that the customer has a properly installed, safe lighting system for their garden.

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Weight 12.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 8 in