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My UP Bucket Complete System


My UP Bucket Complete System


We grew over 200 bell peppers in our store with this system!!!  Includes absolutely everything you need to start growing:

  • HLG 100 R L.E.D. Light with Hangers
  • My UP Bucket Grow System (with hardware & medium)
  • Nutrients
  • pH Meter, TDS Meter
  • pH Up, pH Down
  • Sample Kit/Bonus Items

HOW IT WORKS:  The air pump injects air down the blue tubing into the nutrient solution.  It bubbles up, feeding the roots in the basket.  Simply follow the feeding schedule, and occasionally change your reservoir (about every 2 to 3 weeks).

This is very easy to setup and use.  You WILL get results.  Remember, you can grow produce in ANY hydroponic system and in ANY space.  Just think of a year ’round, fresh supply of your favorite foods.  Also available for in-store pickup as well.

If you want to see this system in action, stop in our store – we have a 3 light garden going right in our store!

In stock 10 lbs


My UP Bucket Complete System is the entire grow package – EVERYTHING you need to start growing in hydroponics.  The L.E.D. light, grow system for one (1) plant, nutrients, meter kit, pH up & down, sample kit and more is all included.  It is absolutely everything to get growing!


If you’re just getting into indoor growing, this is the perfect system to start with.  You CAN grow produce in any hydroponic system, and get impressive results quickly.  A constant, year ’round, fresh supply of the produce you crave – all grown indoors, pesticide and chemical free, by you.  And since the system includes an L.E.D. light, you’ll only be using 95 watts per hour.

Not only can you grow in any hydro system, but in any space.  There’s nothing to stop you from growing your own – stop in today and we will help you get started.


This complete grow system includes all you need to start growing.  The quality 100 RSpec L.E.D. light from HLG, the MY UP Bucket grow system, base nutrients (your choice of General Hydroponics or Botanicare), a pH & PPM meter with starter bottles of pH up and down, bonus items and sample kit.

There are lot’s of folks out there that already have timers – that’s why NO timer is included in this kit.  However, if you do need one, there is a timer add-on option for only $13.



Despite what you may have heard or read, growing in hydroponics is easy.  Not only that, it is not pricey to start or difficult to run.  We’re here to help if you run into any issues during any phase of the project.  So get growing today, and enjoy the fruits, or veggies, of your easy labor!


My UP Bucket Complete System

Everything you need!

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 18 in